1.3 Monetary Benefits of SEO

With SEO, you attract the people who are specifically searching for what you're writing about!

This is unlike social media where people see your blog posts when it comes onto their feed and discover it. They are not searching exactly for the content you're writing about, which makes the traffic you get from social media not reliable or sustainable.

As long as you do SEO the right way, search engine algorithm changes will not impact you like how social media algorithms can.

As a result, you can monetize this in a few ways:

With more page views, you can:

  • reach the minimum requirements to join a premium ad network and earn money passively by displaying ads on your site
  • get paid sponsorships with brands

With the right keywords, you can:

  • make money passively with affiliate marketing in which you recommend products or services to people who are already thinking about buying them*; if they buy these products or services from your blog, then the company selling them may pay you a commission
  • attract the type of people who would be interested in the services, e-books, digital products and merchandise that you're selling

*Again, the fact that someone is searching on a search engine for the exact product or service you're talking about means they are more likely to convert, meaning you are more likely to make money.

In my opinion, affiliate marketing after learning SEO is the most sustainable way to make this type of passive income from your blog because you don't have to keep marketing your posts on social media for possibly the right person to see it. When you optimize your posts, the person who wants to read your blog post and get information on the product you're talking about will find it!

We will go in depth about using SEO to make ad revenue and affiliate income in the SEO for Passive Income modules.

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