Read Before You Start This Module

This module helps you learn how to do keyword research. Once you learn this, you'll be able to update your content strategy and write search engine optimized blog posts based off your plan.

If you have questions on this module:

Please ask in the group and hashtag it with #module 3.

If you see anyone else with questions, try to help them out!

Something to note about Keysearch:

In case you missed this note in the last module, Keysearch is a great tool to guide you but like any other SEO tool out there, although it is extremely helpful, it is not 100% accurate. Also, keyword research may involve a bit of experience to understand what keywords you may rank for and what you may not. It is not always an exact science although I will give you the best how-to / formula to find keywords.

Basically, don't worry if you don't quite understand doing researching for keywords. You will get better with experience, and once you have data coming in from your SEO posts, then you will learn to research better.

All good things take time!

(Don't mind me as I repeat this message a couple of times through this module. It is very tech-heavy.)

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