A.1 What is passive income?

In general, passive income includes regular earnings from investments, properties or side hustles.

The idea is to put in an initial investment (of time or money) and then earn a steady flow of cash from that investment without having to put in work daily like a regular job.

Typical passive income sources include but are not limited to stocks, rental properties, funds, etc.

Now you can add blogging into this list of passive income sources.

There is an incorrect view about passive income; that once you put in the initial work, you don't have to do anything else besides collect checks as they come in. This is not true.

With passive income, you still may need to work periodically to maintain your passive income. However, the upkeep should be limited and a fraction of the time you originally put in.

Passive Income With Blogging

Passive income with blogging means that you put in the initial work of writing blog posts, and those posts will continue to make you money days, months and even years after you wrote the posts.

You may have to revisit these posts to update them or promote them again on social media. But overall, if you have a rock solid SEO strategy implemented on your site and on-page, then you should not have to update your post too often for Google.

Let's learn about different ways to earn passive income with your blog in the next section.

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